Artist Residency in the High Arctic of Svalbard

Where should I start?

Svalbard is amazing 🙂

View towards Longyearbyen

In the Svalbard area the population of polar bears is about 3000 animals VS 2100 human beings

As I have mentioned earlier, I got an artist residency at Gallery Svalbard. In one of the world’s largest areas of untouched nature, 78 degrees north. Longyearbyen is situated app. 1200 km from the geographic north pole. The Weather conditions and natural environment in Svalbard is extreme. In Spitsbergen, weather conditions can change quickly.

During my stay in March, the temperature was twenty degrees below zero. Wind and snow conditions made sure I got to experience the feeling of walking in time, when the magnificent mountains were as cut out of time and the road disappeared during blizzard conditions. But then again, it suited my artistic idea adeptly, since I traveled to Svalbard to follow in my grandfather’s footsteps who worked in coal mines. Due to the harsh climate I could easily imagine how life back in the fifties must have been or for that matter, life before civilization.

Whiteout, Gallery Svalbard and my recedency

Luckily I also got to experience Svalbard on a sunny day, where the magnificent landscape really came to light. I am totally enraptured of this life at the foot of the mountain under the glacier. In the transition between the blue light and the white snowcapped mountains, the surroundings turnes into living works of art.

Life at the foot of the mountain under the glacier 🙂

Currently I find myself in a artistic introspective processing phase. It will take some time to process all the experiences and the impressions that Svalbard has created in my artistic mind. Until this process has run its course, I’ll just share some small glimpse of my journey. Hope you enjoy it.

To step outside Longyearbyen is to step into the wilderness. From my trip into Adventsdalen and Bolterdalen; 90 happy Alaskan Huskies

Svalbard Global Seed Vault, the largest crop variety in the world is hidden 400 feet inside a mountain outside Longyearbyen, protected by the northern lights and permafrost. This is the backup copy of the worlds gene banks for seeds, and our capability to feed the world depends on it.

Svalbard Museum and Kunsthall Svalbard

Gallery Svalbard and Longyearbyen Arts & Crafts Centre