Drawing has been a foundational element of my artistic journey, woven into the fabric of my creativity since childhood. It serves as a versatile tool across a spectrum of mediums, offering a consistent and profound outlet for my self-expression.

Examples of drawings and sketches for various projects:

Ongoing projects:

«The Potential of Rejected Ideas» is an art project taking the form of a drawn sculptural installation. The installation consists of 10 meters of drawing paper crumpled up and shaped into a kind of ball. Various drawn motifs in different sizes can be seen in the different folds/curls. Some motifs clearly stand out, while others are hidden. Some motifs are fragmented, detached drawings that are incorporated or taped onto the crumpled paper ball.

«The Potential of Rejected Ideas» aims to create a dialogue around the potential in what is often considered failed or discarded ideas. By challenging the viewer to see the value in these ideas, the project aims to inspire a culture that embraces experimentation and risk-taking as a path to innovation.

The art project challenges the traditional interpretation of drawing by incorporating traditional paper drawing as a foundation and creating an organic connection between the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional. In this way, the audience is challenged to redefine the relationship between flat surfaces and three-dimensional form. The artwork invites reflection and discussion on the unpredictability of the creative process and its transformative power.

«The Potential of Rejected Ideas» seeks to promote critical reflection on society’s tendency to dismiss ideas that do not immediately prove viable. By exploring the potential creative opportunities in what has previously been rejected, the art project aims to contribute to a culture that values experimentation, failure, and learning as an integral part of the innovation process.

In today’s society, characterized by rapid technological development and complexity, the ability to rediscover, challenge, and integrate rejected ideas is crucial for innovation. This art project seeks to reflect the contemporary need to embrace diverse perspectives. It underscores the importance of seizing the opportunities inherent in rejected ideas to shape a more holistic and innovative future. «The Potential of Rejected Ideas» thus positions itself within a larger conceptual framework of creative rebirth, iteration, and recycling.

Mixed drawings:

«Refraction meddling with the mind»