About the artist:

Hanne Væringsaasen (b. 1968), is an accomplished visual artist from Oslo, Norway, with a rich and prolific career that has flourished over several decades. Her artistic oeuvre primarily encompasses painting, drawing, and printmaking, through which she has crafted a distinct identity within the contemporary art landscape. Central to her practice is a profound exploration of the human psyche and its symbolic manifestations, both within internal and external realms.

Drawing philosophical inspiration, Væringsaasen posits art as an imperative conduit for probing existential dimensions. This philosophical foundation has underpinned her educational trajectory, characterized by a breadth of inquiry extending beyond the confines of traditional artistry into interdisciplinary domains. Grounded in her personal journey, Hanne Væringsaasen’s thematic investigations are influenced by her upbringing that spans the cultural tapestries of Oslo and Northern Norway. With roots connecting her to the Lule Sami community, her artistic endeavors are imbued with contemplations on themes of identity, belonging, and cultural significance.

Academically, Væringsaasen has navigated a path marked by a fusion of artistic praxis and philosophical inquiry. Her pursuit of knowledge extends beyond the conventional boundaries of artistic disciplines, encompassing psychoanalytic and educational field. Through a rigorous engagement with processes, ideas, and materials, she has cultivated her practice.

Through her artistic practice, Væringsaasen’s contribution spans various platforms, from solo and group exhibitions to collaborative ventures and other art projects. Her artworks have traversed international boundaries, gracing galleries and venues across Europe, the United States, and beyond. Noteworthy are her contributions to significant exhibitions such as the anniversary exhibition at Queen Sonja’s Art Stable, where one of her graphic works was included in the Royal Collections and has thus acquiring historical significance.

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Væringsaasen maintains a steadfast commitment to professional advancement, continuously seeking opportunities to hone her skills and broaden her perspective. Recent participation with esteemed institutions like the New York Academy of Art’s online courses and the Norwegian Printmakers Workshop (in-person) exemplify her unwavering dedication to ongoing growth and development.

Moving forward, Væringsaasen’s ambitions revolve around enhancing her artistic legacy by delving deeper into thematic complexity and hopefully showcasing her artwork through an increasing number of solo exhibitions. Defined by coherence, distinctiveness, and resilience, her artistic expression continues to enchant audiences and gain heightened acclaim, firmly solidifying her status as a noteworthy figure within the contemporary art scene.

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