Stricoff Fine Art and the Artbox Project New York


Dear Hanne, The exhibition in New York is a great success, thank you for your contribution with your outstanding artwork! The Artbox Team

The art exhibition and the Armory Artweeks in New York has started 🙂 As I have mentioned earlier, I’m currently participating in a group exhibition, the Artbox Project in New York at the Stricoff Fine Art Gallery, lokated in 564 W. 25th Street.  The exhibition is up and running from 5 March to 16 March 2018.
Most of the works of art are showcased on a big screen, an inovative new way of exposing more artists to a larger audience. The artworks are showcased in such a way that the works of art are shown both individually and together in groups. In addition, two more normal sized screens are set up in the gallery where all of the artworks will be shown as a slide show. If a visitor is interested in an artwork on the screen, the curators will show the potential buyers the artwork again on one of the screens and inform him about the technique and dimensions of the artwork. They also handout printed documentation about the artist to potential buyers and communicates with the artist if the artwork is to be purchased.

Hanne Væringsaasen sitt bilde.