Solo Exhibition in January

Exciting news! Gallery Albin Art in Oslo has given me a solo exhibition in January. The owner of the gallery said that she would like to make an exhibition with my colorful and luxuriant paintings. January is a gray and dreary season in Norway, so I understand why she chose these paintings in particular. I rejoice at the opportunity to get to showcase this series of paintings. A sneak peek at the artworks will be possible later.

Detail from a larger painting

In this new body of work I had to abandon a lot of my usual somewhat dark outlook on the world, to see where these new friends where taking me. But I have to say, wow what a mind job, when your inner dialog go’s haywire and nags you into painting flower-like entities and weird looking animals that never shuts up. Making me laugh though, me talking to them while painting them, arguing on what they should look like.
Hence the excitement of the news about a solo exhibition. Being true to yourself is the only thing that matters! 🙂