HM Queen Sonja’s Jubilee Collection

Exciting things are happening in my artistic life these days. 🙂

As mentioned earlier, one of my artworks are on display in Queen Sonja ArtStable (Gallery in Norway). In this contekst I have been so fortunate to be able to meet and talk to The Queen, The King and The Crown Prince of Norway in a closed formal reception. The formal social occasion was made for the artists and contributors of the exhibition, and became a very nice and solemnly experience. We were royally entertained with music, champagne and canapés, and we were allowed to talk to the royal family about the works of art. I am so grateful and honored that my artwork now are in the Royal Collections and will be preserved for all future.
Unfortunately, we got a photo ban, so these photos only show a few impressions from the exhibition and the reception. Below you will find links to the Queen’s speech and the Royal House of Norway’s own publications on the topic.


The Queen’s speech

Queen Sonja ArtStable

The artists