Hanne Væringsaasen
Visual Artist (MA) from Norway, based in Oslo.

Artist statement:

Keywords that form my source of inspiration: sensation, interaction, longing, reflection, kinship, takeover and invasion.

As a visual artist, placed in a Western cultural perspective, I am often fascinated by the urban man’s fragmented relationship with nature. In this fascination there is also a study of unbalanced power and identity, or territorial conflict.

My visual language seeks to unify dissimilarities like the figurative and the abstract, drawing inspiration from different kinds of visual communication. In my artwork, the people in suits are often placed in colorful botanical spaces, in more or less successful attempts at dialogue with both themselves and their surroundings. The depersonalized people are subjected to an extended dialogue, where emotional distortion of proportions points to the challenge that lies in the courage to expose oneself to otherness to regain balance.

My artistic expression is also influenced by the fact that my family comes from the northern parts of Norway; Lofoten and Narvik, where I have Lule Sami ancestry, which may be seen through my bold use of color.

For more information about my art career and participation in exhibitions, see CV