Mixed Media/Digital Adaptations

In my camera-based artwork I make a quick medium slow, through my digital adaptations using drawing and coloring that resembles my painting process. The technique I frequently use is a fusion of my own photography, drawing, painting and new media. In this particular artistic expression I combine photographs I have shot with hand or digitally drawn elements, as well as other media such as watercolors or other paintings I’ve made in advance. In this process my mixed media gradually transforms into a new artistic graphic expression, digitally. These transformations make the artwork unique.

Abstract Point of View:
Urban Nature:
Organic Flow and Botanical Entities:
Landscape and Past Glance:

The artwork will be printed as high-quality graphics for fine art, that lasts for generations. All my artworks are signed and numbered, and printed into exclusive edition. The artwork are orginals not copies of other works. Shippingtime may vary, depending on the capacity of the printing bureau.

Variants of commissions:

Magical Garden, artprint on pvc 90x90cm, artwork of Hanne Væringsaasen

By the sea, Artwork of Hanne Væringsaasen, artprint on aluminum 50 x 50 cm