Artistic Statement:

My visual language seeks to unify dissimilarities as the figurative and the abstract. This process of covering and uncovering, unlocks reflections on conscious and unconscious aspects of ourselves which in turn provides new opportunities. Impulses affecting my iconography are different visual communication in dialogue with nature and the human mind hidden aspects. In my camera-based artwork I make a quick medium slow, through my digital adaptations using drawing and coloring that resembles my painting process.
I argue that art is a necessity of life. Art clarifies the world around us, it enlarges and opens our senses and allows us insights. By way of this philosophy, I like to express myself through various media. As far back as I can remember I have been drawing, and later on my expressive needs expanded to include painting, photography, video and digital art forms. My artistic inspiration is rooted in my fascination with the human mind. My artwork often portrays an urban dialogue where city life merges with nature, and by doing so brings to light hidden emotional landscapes. My recurring themes are identity processes and layered fusion of different universes. In my artistic interpretations I merge forms and abstract dynamics to emphasize the content of the notion that we see things we do not actually see. It is not an illusion, but a movement with and through the design – abstraction supplementing reality.